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In today’s real estate market, you need a title company that goes above and beyond for your clients, and for you. At Watermark Land Transfer, we understand the challenges many homebuyers and realtors face and work hard to create an easy, seamless, and successful settlement process.

As your partner, we are committed to concierge level service. We do this through consistent and proactive communication, so you are always aware of where we are in the title search and closing process. Your designated closing agent will be there for you and your client from the first phone call to post-settlement.

Even more, we know realtors are busy and have many responsibilities beyond individual transactions. That’s why we offer 24/7 access to fees and settlement costs and net sheets. You can even place an order on our website when you and your client are ready to move towards the closing table.

With offices in York, Pa., Hanover, Pa., and Northern Virginia, we can help you with your next title search and real estate closing. Put us to work for you so you can focus on your client.

Realtor Services:

  • Hold Earnest Money
  • Property Lookups
  • Seller and Buyer Net Sheets
  • Remote Closings
  • Education Classes
  • Experiential Closing Experience
  • Title Search
  • Title Insurance
  • Closing/Settlement Services
  • Notary Services

Title Services

Having a trusted title partner on your team can be the difference between a mediocre experience and an exceptional experience for your client, and when buyers have an exceptional experience, they are more likely to refer you to friends, family members, and other people in their sphere.

As your partner, we are committed to providing you with top tier title services including:

  • Conduct a title search: We will complete a thorough and detailed 60-year title search to trace the “chain of title.” During our search we look for any obstacles such as liens, unpaid property taxes, public records errors, or encroachment with neighbors that may cause an issue for your buyer.
  • Issue title insurance: After the title is clean, we can issue both lender’s and owner’s title insurance. Title insurance protects your client’s investment in the property including any equity they build up if ownership is brought into question.
  • Oversee escrow and closing: We will manage and oversee the escrow account which holds the money needed for the sale. We will also manage and prepare the paperwork associated with the closing.
  • Distribute funds: At settlement, we will distribute funds to all parties.
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Services We Provide

Watermark Land Transfer provides residents of York, PA and surrounding areas expert title insurance, settlement, closing and notary services.

Title Insurance

Protect your investment with owner’s title insurance.

Settlement Services

From title search to settlement day, we are there every step of the way.

Notary Services

When you need a notary for important documents, we are here to help.

Easy To Use Online Tools

Our online tools make it easy for consumers, realtors and investors to get the information they need for their real estate transaction. Our secure online tools improve communication between everyone involved in a transaction.

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The Benefits Of Choosing Watermark

Watermark Land Transfer is a real estate title company in York, PA offering title services, title insurance, closing and settlement services, and notary services. Our goal is simple - to provide our clients and our community with the resources they need for a hassle-free closing. We are more than a title company and work hard to show our clients that we are truly consumer-focused.

Our team of title agents makes it easy for homeowners to buy or sell a home in Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland. We offer both on-site and virtual title and settlement services and treat our clients like family. If you are in the process of selling or buying a home, reach out to us today to see how working with Watermark Land Transfer can help.

1st Watermark Benefits

We Are Vested in You

When you work with Watermark Land Transfer for your real estate transaction, we are truly vested in your success. We treat each contract, document, and closing as if it were our own.

2nd Watermark Benefits

We Keep You In the Loop

During the closing process, we will keep you informed every step of the way so there are no surprises on settlement day.

3rd Watermark Benefits

We Live Here, Too

Watermark Land Transfer is an independent, locally owned title company. We have the flexibility to get things done for you without the constraints of a national title company.