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As real estate investors, you understand that having a clean title is paramount for your success. Investment properties – particularly flips – can present some title challenges. It’s a good thing we love challenges at Watermark Land Transfer.

Other title companies may be wary of helping you on your real estate investment journey, however we welcome your business and will work hard to simplify your transaction. We also understand that time is critical with an investment property and can work quickly to get you to the settlement table as soon as possible.

Our Commitment to You as a Real Estate Investor

  • Conduct a title search: Investment properties are slightly different than traditional residential real estate sales. There may be liens on the home, unpaid taxes, and incomplete paperwork. As your title partner, we will diligently work to find and remediate title issues so you can move to settlement and find your next investment. Unlike other title companies, we can even perform a preliminary title search BEFORE you make an offer on an investment property.
  • Issue title insurance: After we complete the title search and remediate any issues, we will issue both lender’s title insurance if you are financing the sale, and owner’s title insurance.
  • Oversee escrow and closing: We will manage and oversee the escrow account which holds the money needed for the sale. We will also manage and prepare the paperwork associated with the closing.
  • Distribute funds: At settlement, we will distribute funds to all parties.

Common Title Issues with Real Estate Investment Properties

Whether this is your first investment property, or one of dozens, you know that title issues are more common on investment properties than traditional home sale transactions. Investment properties are priced low for a reason – the property could be in foreclosure, disrepair, or the current owner has a need for quick cash.

We’ve helped many real estate investors get to the settlement table after finding and addressing common title issues including:

  • Liens: A lien is a right to possession of a property by someone who is owed a debt by the current owners. The current owners may have a lien from the government for unpaid property taxes or a lien placed by a contractor for unpaid work and services. In some cases, satisfied or released liens may not have been documented properly which can cause challenges at settlement.
  • Past Ownership Claims: Past ownership claims often pop up in homes that have been in a family for generations. A long-lost relative may claim ownership of a property causing a title dispute. Another example of a past ownership claim that real investors may encounter could an unlawful possession of the property somewhere in the chain of ownership.
  • Covenants of Record: A covenant of record is when the original owner of the property made some sort of promise to another party in the deed. For example, the original owner may have promised a neighbor use of the driveway or allowed a different neighbor to place a swing set or shed on the land.
  • Broken Chain of Title: Like past ownership claims, broken chain of title issues tend to arise with properties that have been in a family for an extended period. A broken chain of title occurs where there is a gap in the ownership of record.
  • Errors in Public Record: Accidents happen, and sometimes clerical errors can cause title issues. Filing errors, negligence, and incomplete documentation are potential title issues for investors.
  • Foreclosure Issues: Foreclosed properties may seem like a steal, but they also create mounds of paperwork that aren’t necessarily documented properly. With foreclosures, and pre-foreclosures, we sometimes find missing information during the title search and a complex ownership history.

Peace of Mind with Watermark

At Watermark Land Transfer, our team of trusted title agents are ready to take on the challenges of a real estate investor and their investment transaction. We welcome investors and work diligently on their behalf to help provide an easy, seamless closing and settlement process.

Why Choose Us for Your Real Estate Investment Transaction?

  • You expect top-tier customer service
  • You want to give your business to a locally owned company
  • You want to get the best deal on your closing fees
  • You have a complicated purchase

At Watermark Land Transfer, you can count on us to deliver top-tier concierge-level service to make your real estate investment settlement go as smoothly as possible!

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The Benefits Of Choosing Watermark

Watermark Land Transfer is a real estate title company in York, PA offering title services, title insurance, closing and settlement services, and notary services. Our goal is simple - to provide our clients and our community with the resources they need for a hassle-free closing. We are more than a title company and work hard to show our clients that we are truly consumer-focused.

Our team of title agents makes it easy for homeowners to buy or sell a home in Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland. We offer both on-site and virtual title and settlement services and treat our clients like family. If you are in the process of selling or buying a home, reach out to us today to see how working with Watermark Land Transfer can help.

1st Watermark Benefits

We Are Vested in You

When you work with Watermark Land Transfer for your real estate transaction, we are truly vested in your success. We treat each contract, document, and closing as if it were our own.

2nd Watermark Benefits

We Keep You In the Loop

During the closing process, we will keep you informed every step of the way so there are no surprises on settlement day.

3rd Watermark Benefits

We Live Here, Too

Watermark Land Transfer is an independent, locally owned title company. We have the flexibility to get things done for you without the constraints of a national title company.